‘Don’t turn a blind eye to crime’ – Brewery manager
November 25, 2016
‘Don’t turn a blind eye to crime’ – Brewery manager

Regional CommerciaL Manager at the St Vincent Brewery Ltd Shafia London-Williams has encouraged persons to band together to address the growing crime situation in the country.

Speaking during a press briefing, which was held at the Brewery in Campden Park last week, London-Williams said that in recent times, a number of incidents have taken place in the Campden Park area, and this is a cause of concern, as the Brewery operates in the area.{{more}}

Two men, Nigel Byron and Yusufa De Riggs, were recently charged with a robbery that took place at the industrial estate at Campden Park, during which a security guard was shot.

As a result of that robbery, DeRiggs, 22, of Campden Park and Nigel Byron, 24, of Lowmans Leeward face four counts of robbery, one count of attempted murder and one for the illegal possession of a firearm.

Said London-Williams, “as it relates to crime and the criminal elements that seem to be lurking as late, we are very disturbed by this. In fact there were two attempted robberies in businesses close by and an attempted robbery at the Brewery and we have put measures in place to ensure that this never happens again.”

She said that as a business, they are concerned that criminal elements seem to be getting braver and growing in their numbers.

“We know the police are doing their job and we want to encourage the police, but we are all part of this community we call St Vincent and the Grenadines and we want to encourage anyone who has information on crimes to give the information to the police, it may come in quite useful,” stressed London-Williams.

She said that persons should talk about crimes and not turn a blind eye, as you do not know when crime is going to “come into your own backyard.”

“…if you have information and you are aware of criminal elements that are moving around, give the information to the police. We are a small country with limited resources and we don’t have all the technologies and resources like the bigger countries to solve crime and oftentimes we depend on hearsay and persons talking, so we need persons to keep talking and looking out for your neighbour.

“We are a small village and we need to be protecting each other. The Brewery has some resources, but not everyone has the same thing, so we need to all be protecting one another in a time like this and that is the only way we can fight what is happening now,” stressed the Brewery manager.

On Tuesday, August 16, a bandana wearing armed bandit shot and robbed St Vincent Brewery salesman Sterne Pope. Pope was shot at Petit Bordel, almost three years after a similar incident took place in Glen with another Brewery sales man.

London-Williams also used the opportunity to express condolences to the family of eight-year-old Jacquan May, who was swept away by a river that runs behind the Brewery. Jacquan’s brother Jaafaan was also swept away, but was rescued.

“We are deeply saddened by this. The river passes alongside the Brewery and we were very happy when one of the boys were found and our staff was actually part of the search team that day and we were very glad when one of them was found, but we are extremely saddened and we want to encourage persons, especially those who live alongside rivers and banks, to be extremely cautious whenever there is a weather system on the country.

You never know, it might be as simple as going out to clear a drain that this incident might occur. Try to clear up your surroundings when rain is not falling and during the rainy times, stay indoors,” advised London-Williams.