Fast ferry operations to be discontinued in SVG
November 22, 2016
Fast ferry operations to be discontinued in SVG

After over six years of operation – providing travellers with a faster service between mainland St Vincent and the major Grenadine islands – the Jaden Sun fast ferry will be ceasing its route in SVG and beginning afresh further afield.

Last Friday, November 18, the management of Jaden Inc, the company that operates the service, issued a press release stating that Tuesday, November 29, would be the final day of operation within SVG.{{more}}

Cashena Gooding, Jaden Inc manager, spoke with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday explaining: “It’s a business decision, and that’s about all I will be able to say at this point in time… Nothing happened per se, but it is a business decision.”

Gooding also confirmed that the service would be moving its operations to another part of the region.

“We are going to be operating elsewhere in the region, but I’m not at this point in time going to say exactly where.”

Members of the public have been speculating that the vessel, which has a 218 person capacity, will be establishing a route in the Leeward Islands area.

The press release from the company stated: “We thank you for your patronage over the years and regret any inconvenience caused. It was a pleasure serving you!”

In February 2014, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves had announced that the company would receive a US$100,000 loan through PetroCaribe to replace a faulty engine (on the vessel) that had caused operations to temporarily cease in December 2013.

The Prime Minister had also announced that the company would receive an EC$300,000 subsidy in exchange for tickets for government workers and schoolchildren.

The company is managed and owned by husband-and-wife team Captain Elvis and Cashena Gooding. Captain Gooding is a major shareholder and the managing director of the Admiralty Transport Co Ltd, which has been operating the ‘Admiral’ ferry service between St Vincent and Bequia since 1986.

In May 2002, Captain Gooding formed the company Jaden Inc and began operations with the cargo vessel Jaden T. (JSV)