November 18, 2016
Who will elect the new president of the NDP?

According to the Constitution of the New Democratic Party (NDP), the president shall be elected by the persons who make up the Central Committee, not by the delegates to the Extraordinary or Annual Convention.

General secretary of the NDP Allan Cruickshank told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that at the Extraordinary Convention, which will take place of November 27, 2016, the delegates representing each constituency and every organ of the party will have a say in who becomes the new president of the NDP.{{more}}

But according to a copy of the NDP Constitution, provided to SEARCHLIGHT, only the members of the Central Committee are eligible to vote for the president.

The procedure for electing the general secretary and other officers of the party is different, as they are elected by the Annual Convention.

The members of the party eligible to attend and vote at the Annual Convention are the members of the Central Committee and the constituency delegates. The constituency delegates include 10 delegates from each constituency.

The Central Committee is comprised of: the officers of the party in good standing, party Members of Parliament; foundation members of the party so named; candidates of the party in the most recent general or bye election; the chairperson of each Constituency Division; two representatives each from the Young Democrats, Women’s Arm and any Chapter; five additional persons elected by the Annual convention; three additional persons named by the president.