November 18, 2016
Vincy Mas 40th anniversary gets New York launch

Vincy mas 2017, which will represent 40 years since the change of this country’s Carnival celebrations from the pre-Lenten season to June/July, had a launch last Sunday at 671 Prospect Place, Friends of Crown Heights in Brooklyn New York.

In his remarks, the new chair of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Ricky Adams highlighted some of his organization’s plans to take Vincy Mas to the next level.{{more}}

He said that as chair of the CDC, he will not be attempting to change and do things differently, but to make the festival more exciting, with ingredients which he thinks will be a refreshing change.

Adams pointed out that his organization will seek to address the length of the shows staged at the Victoria Park, dubbed “Carnival City.”

He confessed that a lengthy show takes away from the quality, as no one has an attention span longer than four hours and they have to work at making the shows more compact and effective.

Adams also highlighted the need to explore synergies with the various components, along with the media, the diaspora, private promoters, as only with togetherness, can the CDC get stronger.

A pumped Adams advanced that Vincy Mas will be one of “MADNESS”.

In explaining his anticipation of the madness, Adams used the acrostic, which showed M for Marketing, A – Accountability, D – Development, N – National Interest, E – Embracing change, while the first S stands for Shows’ quality and the second S – Synergies.

Adams believes that 40 years is a milestone of significance.

“When you turn 40 you begin a new era; when you turn 40 you feel like it’s my time now,” Adams stated.

Meanwhile, chair of the 40th anniversary organization committee Dennis Ambrose was also on hand to give insight into what one can expect during this significant year.

Ambrose, who is the immediate former chair of the CDC, gave recognition to those who had the vision to make the switch of the Carnival festivities back then, thus making Vincy mas a summer festival.

Among those he named were Bertram “Molly” Arthur, Winston Baptiste and Godfrey “Bobby” Fraser.

Also making short addresses were Minister of Tourism, Sports and Culture Cecil Mc Kie; CEO of the SVG Tourism Authority Glen Beache; newly appointed consul general to the USA Howie Price; president of COSAGO Lavern Mc Dowald-Thompson.

On display were some products, arts and craft from SVG, along with mas displays from Brooklyn based band Mas Productions, while Verna Authur also spoke about her 2017 J’Ouvert presentation.

The large crowd was kept on its feet by calypsonians and soca artistes, including Scorcher, Winston Soso, Bomani, Maddzart, Dennis Bowman, Hibiscus and Jakie. Briggo made a cultural presentation.

DJ Supa Eyes pumped the music for the high energy event. Vincy Mas 2017 officially runs from June 30 to July 11.(RT)