Online poll says Dr Friday is preferred leader of NDP
November 18, 2016
Online poll says Dr Friday is preferred leader of NDP

Dr Godwin Friday seems to be the preferred person to take over as leader of the New Democratic Party and Leader of the Opposition among persons who participated in an online open access poll conducted by SEARCHLIGHT.

In the 18 hours between Wednesday, November 16 at 5 p.m. and yesterday at 11 a.m., 77 persons had indicated their choice of leader for the two positions.{{more}}

For Leader of the Opposition, following are the results: Godwin Friday – 52.63 per cent; St Clair Leacock – 27.63 per cent; Daniel Cummings – 6.58 per cent; Roland “Patel” Matthews – 6.58 per cent; Terrance Ollivierre – 1.32 per cent; Nigel Stephenson – 1.32 per cent and Other – 3.95 per cent.

The Leader of the Opposition must be chosen from among the elected representatives in Parliament. The president of the party, however, may be chosen from among persons who have been financial members of the party for at least one year.

For party leader, participants in our poll also favour Friday. Following are the results: Godwin Friday – 35.06 per cent; St Clair Leacock – 25.97 per cent; Julian “Jules” Ferdinand – 7.79 per cent; Daniel Cummings – 6.49 per cent; Luzette King – 5.19 per cent per cent; Linton Lewis – 5.19 per cent; Roland “Patel” Matthews – 5.19 per cent; Benjamin Exeter – 1.30 per cent; Terrance Ollivierre – 1.30 per cent; Nigel “Nature” Stephenson – 1.30 per cent and Other – 3.90 per cent.

An online open access poll is a type of opinion poll in which a nonprobability sample of participants self–select into participation.

Persons wishing to participate in the poll may access it at:–leader.

The poll will close on Monday, November 21, at noon and the results will be published in the Midweek edition of SEARCHLIGHT on November 22.