VINSAVE establishes model for early childhood education
November 15, 2016
VINSAVE establishes model for early childhood education

The Vinsave Child Development Training Centre has established a Model Centre to support the teaching and promotion of Early Childhood Education at its centre on Murray’s Road.

The model depicts various learning centres, such as language, math, science, sand and water play, among others. There is also a puppet stage for use in storytelling.{{more}}

Most of the materials which adorn the Centre were made from “trashables” by staff members Floreen Thomas and Merleana Williams. Some of the materials prepared by students in training in Childcare and Development are also included.

The agency also sought and received comments from Ethny Williams, education officer, Early Childhood Education in the Ministry of Education, in the development of the Centre.

The Centre will benefit students in training in Childcare and Develop-ment, teachers/caregivers from other centres and the children of Vinsave.

Early Childhood practitioners were invited to view the Centre and have made very positive comments some of which are: “the centre is very attractive and print rich … very appropriate for the children’s age and development”; “great ideas … critical thinking for young minds, skills and creativity.”

Vinsave continues to play a major role in the further development of early childhood education and training in St Vincent and the Grenadines.