‘Master 9’ is new Police Calypso King
November 8, 2016
‘Master 9’ is new Police Calypso King

Parnel Browne, who goes by the stage name Master 9, left persons who attended the Miss Police and Calypso competition in stitches and doubled over from belly-hurting laughter.

From the first few lines of his original calypso, entitled ‘I Just Can’t See’, he made the audience gathered at the packed Russell’s Auditorium last Friday night rise to their feet. When he returned for the second round of competition with a rewritten version of Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams’ {{more}}‘Licks with Bull Pistle,’ it was clear to everyone that Master 9 was walking away with the crown.

He beat three other competitors, pushing Trevor Grant, ‘The Mighty Stranger; into second; Renrick Cato, ‘The Mighty Bamboo Joint,’ into third; and the lone female competitor, Niquette Bess, ‘Singing Quetty,’ bringing up the rear.

His original composition, ‘I Just Can’t See’, tackled the issue of why, after serving 26 years in the police force, he still only holds the rank of a corporal. During his rendition, he questioned why the immediate former Commissioner of Police (COP) was looking for a two-year contract after retirement and why that commissioner’s wife was promoted to assistant superintendent of police after being in the force for only a few years.

Former COP Michael Charles joined Browne on stage.

And while some of his lyrics could be clearly understood, he covered others by renaming persons and jumbling letters of certain divisions.

‘Ah just can’t see Mother Theresa heading IDC, I just can’t see why they not using Chapter 280,” Browne sang to cheers and laughter from the audience.

Following Browne’s performance, Charles took the micrphone and issued a transfer of Browne to the uninhabited island of Balliceaux, which was met with rousing applause and laughter by members of police force, for whom Balliceaux transfers seem to be an internal joke.

Guest performances were done by calypsonian and former police officer Gosnel ‘GC’ Cupid and reigning national Calypso Monarch Zamfir ‘Man Zangie’ Adams.

Another guest performance was given by former COP Michael Charles ‘The Mighty Crocus’, whose original composition, ‘Canteen Crew,’ left persons rolling, because of his dancing and stage antics. (CM)