November 4, 2016
Woman fears for her life after prisoner sends threats from jail

A resident of Diamond is seeking the assistance of the Government to leave the country, following several death threats from a man who is a prisoner.

Jemeillia Thorbe says since her former boyfriend was incarcerated three years ago, he has issued several threats against her life from his jail cell.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, Thorbe explained that she is a material witness in the case against the man, who is also the father of two of her children, and he told her if she testifies, he would kill her.

“From since he’s been in prison, he keeps sending threats to me via phone and I keep making reports. If I go on Facebook, he will comment on my pictures and then he will post up and curse me,” the terrified woman said.

“It’s been two years and some and I am scared, because at nights, I can’t go anywhere, because he knows my whereabouts… He knows everything about me and I am not safe.”

Her ex-boyfriend was charged in 2011 with causing the death of a 72-year-old businessman.

“He even says if I go to court, I won’t make it back out alive.”

The distraught woman explained that she has since told the Director of Public Prosecutions that she is no longer willing to testify in the matter.

She stated that she knows her ex-boyfriend would make true on his threat, because during their five- year relationship he tried to kill her several times.

“I know if he gets the chance to kill me, he will kill me,” Thorbe reiterated.

The mother of four claimed that she has made several reports to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force about the matter, but it seems to her as if nothing is being done.

“Sometimes, I will carry them (the evidence of threats) to the police, but the police will just take a statement and they say they will call me and then nobody ever calls,” she complained.

Thorbe said at this point, she is living in such fear that she is considering getting herself a gun.

“I even go as far as to tell them I will buy a gun; the police telling me if I buy the gun and I shoot him, I am going to prison…

“What am I supposed to do, leave him, so when he comes out just now… just leh he do me as he feel like? Or dem ah wait until he do something before them could react?” she questioned.

Thorbe indicated that she is trying to get the Prime Minister’s assistance to leave the country.

“I want to see if the Prime Minister or someone who is out there can help me, because I am not safe and me and my family life is in danger.”

SEARCHLIGHT spoke to the head of the CID Ruth Jacobs, who indicated that prisoners are prohibited from having cellular phones in their cells.

“We go there every now and again and search the prisons.”

Jacobs advised Thorbe to make a report to the CI,D so that she could inform the prison authority to have them bring the situation under control. (CM)