Vincentian designer launches home goods designer collection
November 4, 2016
Vincentian designer launches home goods designer collection

Vincentian Designer Kimya Glasgow has expanded her design business to include a line of throw cushion covers, under the label Kimya Glasgow HOME.

The collection includes limited Gold Polka Dot Brocade cushion covers in small, medium and large; hand-painted and screen-printed natural cotton canvas. “They all work together and separately,” says Glasgow.{{more}}

The covers include a series called “Doll Faces”. Each “Doll Face” has its own mood, and is about spreading positive thoughts.

“Namaste”, “C’est La Vie”, “Peace” and “No Worries” are their names. “Namaste” is a Hindu greeting of peace, “C’est La Vie”, a French way of saying “that’s life” or “throw it over your shoulders” or “nothing you can do about it”, and “No Worries” is our Caribbean Doll Face.

There is also the first in a series of Garifuna-inspired covers with petroglyphs in metallic hues. “We chose neutral tones that can work in almost any room, or be used as inspiration for designing a room around.

“The philosophy is that this is a different way to show patriotism and identify as Vincentians. Wearing flag colours is not the only way we can identify as Vincentian. We can more include indigenous motifs that we can wear, and live with, as part of our daily lives.”

According to Glasgow, “Even though we are a tiny business, we are more than a clothing company. We are a growing Caribbean lifestyle brand, applying our Caribbean aesthetic to shopping, décor, entertainment and more.

“It started with my love of interior design as one of my creative outlets. Throw cushions add polish to a room and complete a look. We view them more as art pieces to be collected and added to a room as an accent, as opposed to trying to match and colour co-ordinate it to everything.”

Cushion covers are retailed through the Kimya Glasgow store at the Cruise Ship Terminal, known for its 100 per cent Caribbean and Vincentian selections.