November 4, 2016
NDP to host convention

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is expected to hold a convention before year end.

President of the NDP Arnhim Eustace, in answering a caller to the New Times programme on Monday said that the party will soon hold its convention, where certain party positions will change.{{more}}

The Opposition Leader, who has led his party to four consecutive defeats at the polls and is recorded in history as being the shortest serving Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, did not say if he would once again contest leadership of the party.

Eustace said that under the NDP’s constitution, a convention must be held. He said that the result of a general election does not determine if a convention is held or not.

“If you lose, it doesn’t change anything; certain things have to be voted on,” said Eustace, who noted that positions, including who leads the party going forward, will be voted on.

He said that the NDP has been delaying the convention and “we have to make up on that.”

Eustace said that it seems as though persons are waiting for the NDP convention, including persons in the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

“I don’t know why it is so much a concern for the other side. If they say I am a weak and stupid leader, they should be glad to get rid of me,” stated Eustace.

The NDP president did not give a date for the upcoming convention, but it is believed that the event will held before year end.

The party has not had a convention in over two years.(LC)