Video showing arrest of journalist sent to AG ‘for guidance’
October 28, 2016
Video showing arrest of journalist sent to AG ‘for guidance’

THE VIDEO SHOWING the arrest of SEARCHLIGHT journalist Ari Shaw by offi- cers attached to the Traffic Department of the Police Force has been sent to Attorney-General (AG) Judith Jones-Morgan by Commissioner of Police (COP) Renold Hadaway.

Hadaway, in an inter- view with SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, said the video, which was sent to him by Shaw’s lawyer, Grant Connell, has been forward- ed to the AG,{{more}} “for guidance”.

“I have responded to the letter stating that I received it and the police high command has viewed the video and has forwarded it to the AG,” said the COP.

Shaw was charged that on J’Ouvert morning, July 4, he did assault corporal Wendell Corridon, he being a police officer act- ing in his due execution of his duty, contrary to Section 196 of the Criminal Code Chapter 171 of the revised edition of the Laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines 2009.

When Shaw appeared at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown on Tuesday, October 11, the case was dismissed by magistrate Bertie Pompey.

The video, which was presented as part of Shaw’s defence, was admitted into evidence by magistrate Pompey, who on seeing the video and hearing other pieces of evidence, dis- missed the case.

The video of Shaw’s arrest, which was filmed bya civilian, went viral when it was posted on social media site Facebook. In response to the verdict, Shaw’s lawyer wrote to the COP.

In his letter dated October 11 and dubbed “Journalist Mr Ari Shaw and police brutality,” Connell said that police brutality, which was dis- played in the video, must not be taken lightly and stressed that police officers should act professionally in carrying out their duties.(LC)