Leo Club SVG hosts dinner for homeless
October 21, 2016
Leo Club SVG hosts dinner for homeless

On Saturday, October 15, in commemoration of World Food Day, the Leo Club St Vincent hosted its first ever dinner for the homeless in Heritage Square.

It was a twist on one of the club’s signature projects, where a hot breakfast is served monthly to those in need. Homeless persons in Kingstown were invited to sit and enjoy a full meal.{{more}}

The dishes were donated by several restaurants, including Vee Jay’s, Stoplight, Lady J, Sunshine, Basil’s, Will-ees, and Caribbean Magic. Coreas Hazells Inc and the National Lotteries Authority were also sponsors of the event.

The dinner began at 6 p.m. and ended at around 8:30 p.m., after approximately 60 persons were served. On the menu was curried chicken, baked chicken, buffalo wings, macaroni pie, vegetable rice, rice and peas, peas pie, potato salad and vegetable salad. The guests especially enjoyed the beverages donated by Coreas Hazells and all agreed that it was a hearty meal.