Brewery launches  Independence promotion
October 18, 2016
Brewery launches Independence promotion

Eleven lucky persons will this month win varying amounts of cash, thanks to Hairoun Beer and its “Hairoun Celebrates 37 years of Independence with 37 Grand” Independence promotion.

Launched on October 11 at the St Vincent Brewery Ltd at Campden Park, the promotion allows persons to place seven Hairoun Beer crowns in an envelope, along with their name, address and telephone number. {{more}}The envelopes should then be dropped in specially marked boxes at various shops, bars and supermarkets throughout the island.

Regional commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Ltd Shafia London-Williams said that as this country celebrates 37 years of independence, one cannot boast about Vincentian pride and Vincentian flavour without mentioning Hairoun Beer.

She explained that throughout the month of October persons will win cash from the Brewery through raffle draws that will be held at the Brewery at Campden Park.

One person will win EC$2,000 during the first draw, while the second draw will see a lucky person walk away with EC$4,000. The third draw gives away EC$8,000 while the fourth draw is the biggest, as someone will get EC$16,000. During the month also, seven draws will be held, each valued at EC$1,000.

“If you don’t win in a particular draw, your entry rolls on, so the more entries you have, the greater the chances”, said London-Williams.

The promotion ends on October 26 at a “Vincy” flavoured concert at Heritage Square.

Tuesday’s launch was also witnessed by marketing coordinator at the Brewery Kelvin Franklyn, who encouraged persons to support the initiative.