Glen resident angry over shooting of neighbours
October 11, 2016
Glen resident angry over shooting of neighbours

Glen resident Antoine “Luxury” Richardson, has described as “sad” what happened to his neighbour Mozart Lee and his family.

Lee, his girlfriend, Shelly-Ann Durham and their 10-month-old baby boy Mozari were shot on Friday around 6.45 p.m. Mozari died, while Lee and Durham are patients at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).{{more}}

Richardson said that he has been living at Glen for seven years now, but he has known Mozart longer than that and he is not one to get caught up in trouble.

“This guy do his work home honestly and everybody around here live good and you never hear he get into anything,” said Richardson on Monday.

Richardson said that despite what persons may say, Glen is not a bad area. He said that the majority of violence is perpetrated by outsiders.

“Up here is a nice area to live; Glen is not a bad area. People in here nice and for what happen to my neighbour, it touched the whole community,” said Richardson.

The van driver said that what is also worrying is that the shooter or shooters wanted somebody else and they came onto private property to get that person.

“This is very sad to see gunman come onto a private person property. If you and anybody have anything you don’t do that. Look at what happen; this is sad,” stressed Richardson. (LC)