Bacchus has it ‘in the bag’ with her designs
October 11, 2016
Bacchus has it ‘in the bag’ with her designs

Although she didn’t make a conscious decision to get into bag-making, Dawn Bacchus has been doing so for the past five years, and she has many happy customers who are pleased that she got into the industry.

Bacchus, a mother of two, said that she has always been a creative person, but it was through necessity that her skills took her to making handbags.{{more}}

She recalled that she had been overseas at the time, when she wanted a large bag, but couldn’t find one to suit her taste, so she decided to try her hand at making one. And so it was that Immense Bags was born.

“Everybody wanted my bag, so that encouraged me to continue making them,” she explained.

The Redemption Sharpes resident said that she finds inspiration everywhere; whether it be in the clothing that other persons wear, or particular colour combinations that she sees in passing.

Although she dabbles in making clothing and jewelry, Bacchus said that her passion lies in making bags – from handbags to purses to clutches to totes.

“Anything my mind tells me to put my hand at, that’s what I’m doing.”

Bacchus also revealed to SEARCHLIGHT that she would love to see more young people getting involved in the creative industry, and not letting others discourage them from developing their skills.

“If you have the passion and you feel you want to do it… start trying, but start small. Don’t make anybody tell you that you can’t,” she advised.

“Even though you fail maybe once or twice, keep trying… Don’t make anybody tell you that you can’t; you always have to try!”

Bacchus said that she would also love to see her designs being sold throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as on the regional market.

“To see Immense with the St Vincent flag in the other islands, that would be great!”

Immense Bags is located on the first floor of the Marcole Plaza Building on Halifax Street. (JSV)