Anti-flooding measures at ET Joshua joint effort by several groups
October 4, 2016
Anti-flooding measures at ET Joshua joint effort by several groups

The preparatory work done ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Matthew to reduce the likelihood that the ET Joshua airport would be flooded was a joint effort of several agencies.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Friday, deputy director of airports Andrea Best said she is pleased that the airport remained dry despite the passage of the tropical storm, as in the past, the airport would experience flooding during severe {{more}}weather systems.

Best explained that preparations for the storm began on Tuesday with the removal of their antenna for fear that the storm might intensify and damage the equipment.

She added that the drains running through and above the airport were cleared by the Roads, Bridges and General Services Authority (BRAGSA), as it is the water from blocked and overflowing drains that tends to flood the airport.

She, however, pointed out that the few hours of rain the island experienced on Tuesday actually helped to clear the drains of whatever debris remained after they had been cleaned.

According to the deputy director, the main items removed from the drains were coconut shells and old tyres.

Best expressed her gratitude to the members of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), which is coordinated by Trevor Pile and Bruce Barrow, for helping them source additional sand bags, which acted as a barrier and blocked excess water from the street above from entering the airport. She also said that she is grateful for the help the RRT has given over the years in cleaning up the airport after flooding.

The deputy director stated that members of the Fire Department of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force also helped with preparation.

“They did really well. I was really pleased with them,” she stated. (CM)