Questelles family lucky to avoid electric shock
September 30, 2016
Questelles family lucky to avoid electric shock

The events that unfolded during the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew have caused one Questelles family to be thankful that they emerged unharmed.

Yesterday, Zamarro Pompey and his family awoke to two dead animals — a dog and a goat — that seemingly were electrocuted by a live wire that fell from a nearby pole into their yard.

Pompey concludes that the goat walked on to the wire, while the dog died after biting on the wire.{{more}}

The 27-year-old asserted that the family escaped a fatality as the live wire could have swung into their house and electrocuted one of the five residents, including his seven-year-old niece.

Pompey is also thankful that the wire did not damage his aunt, who is living directly below him, or her children.

“If them dey bin only come up and see da line dey, boy somebody dead dey,” he reiterated.

Pompey further stated that it’s the first time that something like that had occurred around their house adding that he was unsettled because of the incident.

He also recounted that during the night there were heavy winds and rain and they could recall hearing the goat “bawling out.”

Pompey is also calling on the St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) to adjust the ground wire on the pole.

He believes that the live wire burnt loose after it rubbed against the ground wire numerous times during the night. (AS)