PM reaches out to families affected by tropical storm
September 30, 2016
PM reaches out to families affected by tropical storm

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has expressed sympathy to the relatives of the teenage boy who was crushed to death Wednesday night during the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew, while assuring all other affected persons of the Government’s support.

The Prime Minister reached out to the boy’s family at approximately 11 p.m. Wednesday by way of NBC Radio 705, {{more}}while deputy director of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Michelle Forbes and Director of the Agency for Public Information (API) Dionne John were updating the nation on the storm.

“I want to express my sympathy to the family at Layou,” he said, speaking from Barbados, where he had been stuck since late Tuesday evening because of the closure of the airports in Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Gonsalves, who had been in Puerto Rico attending a conference of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association and before that, in New York addressing the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, said he had also received information about two other “situations,” but he will wait until he gets confirmation before he says more about them.

He assured the approximately 300 people presently in emergency shelters of the Government’s support.

“Please be assured that the Government will be there for you and to make sure that the relief effort goes well with you and for you.”

He urged all citizens and residents to listen to NEMO, the acting Prime Minister Montgomery Daniel and all in authority to ensure that things go well.

“Look out for your family, be safe and secure. The elements of nature are upon us and we just have to be very careful.”

Gonsalves thanked acting PM Daniel, the Cabinet, Forbes, NEMO staff members, volunteers, radio stations and foreign governments who have already offered support and sympathy to the people of this country.

“It is a difficult time, but we have been through difficult times before. I just want to let us continue to work together. I am praying … that the storm will pass swiftly and we will not have a lot more damage…. But most of all, I am very sorry about the death of the young man at Layou … and also those who have suffered any physical damage and those who have suffered loss. “

The Prime Minister said the Government is experienced with dealing with natural disasters and have good systems in place.

“Not every time things will go like clockwork, but the authorities are working in a focused manner and we will mobilize the necessary resources, as we have always done, not just for this relief period, but for the period of recovery and reconstruction. I want to thank all who have been involved in helping.”