Matthew destroys new parking lot at GHS
September 30, 2016
Matthew destroys new parking lot at GHS

Andrea Bowman, the headmistress of the St Vincent Girls’ High School is saddened by the partial destruction of the school’s new parking lot during the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew.

Part of the area of the parking lot, which was completed approximately six months ago, slipped into the South River on Wednesday night, as a result of the prolonged rain associated with the storm.{{more}}

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, Bowman noted that the area had always been one of concern to her.

“That area, to be honest, is an area of weakness,” she said.

She noted, however, that precautionary measures were taken during the construction of the parking lot.

“I say that because you’d always be able to look at that bank and see that it is weak. So, was there any special

consideration given to that? Yes, I would say so. Consideration was given to that, that we wouldn’t put much pressure or whatever in that area,” Bowman explained.

She stated that the school would now have to work along with the authorities to make the area more stable.

“We are going have to work to get the authorities to do a retainer and fence and all of that and hope it doesn’t take too long.” (CM)