September 30, 2016
All of our networks weathered Tropical Storm Matthew – FLOW

Despite the Storm conditions that were experienced across the island, all of FLOW’s networks – video, broadband, fixed and mobile – appear to have effectively weathered the storm.

While, admittedly, some customers lost service because of either the very high winds or public power supply outage, checks across St Vincent and the Grenadines confirm that the great majority of FLOW mobile and fixed line customers made and received calls normally.{{more}}

Up to press time Thursday, there was a major power outage to the north of the island, affecting residents from Park Hill to Fancy. These areas will experience service interruption on video and broadband services. High winds have, in some areas, affected some of the company’s cell sites. In light of this, cell phone service interruptions are being experienced in Paget Farm – Bequia, Rose Hall, Maroon Hill, Mt Bentick and Owia.

In the case of the affected cell sites, FLOW repair crews were strategically deployed across the island before the storm and began work as soon as it was safe to do so.

Where the issue is loss of power, the affected sites will return to service once power returns.

In the meantime, FLOW is reminding the public that the heavy winds and rain which affected the island, due to Tropical Storm Matthew, may have caused some of the company’s cables to come loose from poles or to be shifted out of position.

In most cases where this occurs, if the cable is not broken, service will remain uninterrupted. FLOW is therefore strongly appealing to members of the public not to cut or otherwise damage these cables.

Instead, the company is asking that all such occurrences be reported to its Contact Centre at toll free # 1(800)-804-2994 or email at [email protected] and a crew will be dispatched to carry out repairs as soon as it is safe to do so.

FLOW is also appealing to the public not to burn leaves or other debris under its cables, as this could cause severe damage and disrupt service.

To keep you connected with family and friends during this time, FLOW will issue a $5 credit to ALL our pre-paid mobile customers.

Additionally, FLOW is urging customers to ensure that the batteries for both their mobile handsets and their cordless fixed line phones are always fully charged and emergency numbers should be programmed in memory for fast dialing, if necessary.