Body of missing man discovered at Dallaway
September 27, 2016
Body of missing man discovered at Dallaway

After being missing for two weeks, the decomposing body of Rudolph Williams was discovered last Saturday.

Williams, 56, had been reported missing by his sister Leona Thomas.

A search party from Williams’ home village of Dauphine found the remains of the man in the quiet neighbouring village of Dallaway.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Sunday, Thomas stated that her brother was a good person who got along with everyone. She noted,{{more}} however, that her brother suffered from mental illness and at the height of his breakdown would walk around the community, but would eventually return home.

“Normally when we see him like that for one day, the next day he does come back good, good, good. So we don’t bother.”

Thomas stated that on the weekend of September 9, she received calls that Matthews was causing disturbances in the area where his body was later found. She said that three days later on September 12, she again received calls of him causing disturbances; however, this time Thomas said she told one of the residents to call the police.

Thomas stated that later, with the help of another neighbour, she contacted the police to assist with removing her brother from the area; however, the police never showed up and that was the last day she saw him.

She stated that when Williams had his mental breakdowns, he would usually be in the vicinity of her home; however, this was not the case this time.

“If he did come my side, and I did see him, I would’ve seen what I could do…he never come my side. I never see him.”

Thomas explained that after not seeing her brother for over a week, she made another report to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and checked both the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and the Mental Health Centre to see if her brother had been admitted to either institution.

Thomas stated that on Saturday, she, along with relatives and members of community carried out a search at Dallaway, since that was the area where he was last seen. She said while walking, they began to notice an odour, which later turned out to be the stench of her brother’s decomposing body.

Thomas said that she blames the police, stating that had they come and arrested him he would have been at the Mental Health Centre getting the treatment he needed.

Although the body was in the first stages of decomposition, Thomas noted that she was able to identify her brother by his dreadlocked hair.

Williams has one son who resides in Tortola and three grandchildren.

Up to press time the cause of death was still not ascertained. (CM)