WPP ends  another successful mission to SVG
September 23, 2016
WPP ends another successful mission to SVG

The World Pediatric Project (WPP) this week concluded another successful mission to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) which saw children receiving much needed and free surgeries.

The general surgery team, which comprised general and thoracic

pediatric surgeon Dr David Lanning, surgical technician Cindy Sheppard as well as Dr Arlette Charles of St Lucia and Dr Micelle Vincent of Barbados and local doctors, {{more}}performed life changing operations on ten Vincentian children.

Two others have been referred to a later mission.

Lanning and his associates performed laparoscopic surgeries on the youngsters in which, instead of large incisions on the patients’ bodies, small cuts were made and with the help of a surgical camera, the doctors were able to operate on them. The laparoscopic surgery reduces recovery times, and also reduces the scars and soreness associated by large incisions.

Children were treated for hernias, gall bladder and appendix ailments, among others.

WPP chief development officer Simon Carey thanked the team for the work done since their arrival on Sunday this week and indicated that the operations would not have been possible without the WPP and its local, regional and international partners.

He used the opportunity to encourage more persons to join the movement in helping sick children and their families through WPP.

“These surgeries would have cost in the tens of thousands of US dollars if the families had to pay for them themselves, but thanks to organizations here and aboard, these kids would be living healthier, happier lives.

“I want to take this opportunity to invite more families to make use of the services that we offer, and also for more companies to come on board in providing us with the resources that would make it possible to save these children’s lives,” Carey said.

The WPP, which was established in St Vincent and the Grenadines 13 years ago treats local children and those from across the region, for ailments such as scoliosis, cardio, neurological, urological, plastic surgery issues, among others.