Pre-schools benefit from Children’s Welfare Fund
April 12, 2016

Pre-schools benefit from Children’s Welfare Fund

Twenty-two pre-schoolers from 11 districts across St Vincent and the Grenadines have received monetary donations from the Children’s Welfare Fund.

The disbursement was made last Friday at a ceremony held at Government House, which was attended by pre-school teachers, parents and children.{{more}}

Lady Gloria Antrobus, speaking on behalf of chair of the Children’s Welfare Fund, Governor General, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, said the funds would assist parents who have difficulties in meeting the monthly expenses associated with their children’s pre-school education.

According to Lady Antrobus, the Ministry of Education selected the respective pre-schoolers, with assistance from the committee members of the Children’s Welfare Fund and spearheaded by Janice Fraser of Vinsave.

Each pre-schooler received $600, which will cover school fees and one meal per day. The amount disbursed at the ceremony was $13,200. Lady Antrobus reiterated the membership’s commitment to continue this assistance to parents.

Senior education officer with responsibility for early childhood education Gwenette Cambridge said she is pleased to be a part of the Children’s Welfare Fund initiative.

Cambridge acknowledged that the funds are an investment in building the right foundation for the children. In the next 10-15 years, these children will make significant contributions to St Vincent and the Grenadines, Cambridge said.