February 23, 2016

Call for nominations for 2017 Caribbean Awards for Excellence

The Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence has been in existence since 2005, and has recognized and rewarded 27 outstanding Caribbean nationals for their work in science, arts, public work, and entrepreneurship with prizes of a half-million dollars (TT) and a medal and citation.{{more}}

“In 2016, we continue to look for exceptional people for our 2017 Awards, which will be held in April 2017. Nominations for next year’s awards may be in arts, sciences, public works, and entrepreneurship.(Full details of criteria and forms are on our website.) Nominations for 2017 close on March 31, 2016,” a release said.

“We are proud to have recognized doctors, scientific researchers, writers, literacy activists, human rights and children’s activists, musicians, archivists, and missionaries.

“In the coming years, though, we would like to see our college of laureates expanded from its already impressive scope. We have musicians, archaeologists, and sustainable development experts, but we have no architects, visual artists, television producers, dancers, or designers. 

“We would like to see entrepreneurs in everything from food production to fashion design, to media, and we are sure they exist, and work, and deserve to be rewarded. We would like to see the scientist in the obscure field, or the activist working quietly for his or her cause.” 

For details on the awards, nomination forms, and links to videos of our laureates, events, and ceremonies, please visit