Dr Ferdinand says NDP will dig ULP out of power
September 18, 2015
Dr Ferdinand says NDP will dig ULP out of power

At last Sunday’s New Democratic Party (NDP) rally held at Campden Park, the candidate for West St George brandished a pitchfork while addressing the crowd, boasting that his party would “dig” the Unity Labour Party (ULP) out of power at the next general elections.{{more}}

Dr Julian ‘Jules’ Ferdinand said: “We are going to dig them out!”

Ferdinand also said that when he viewed photographs from a recent meeting of the ULP Youth Arm, many of them were showing four fingers to represent a fourth term in Government for the ULP.

“We say three and no more! No four; no more!”

Indicating his pitchfork, Ferdinand continued: “They must look at this; this has four prongs… You know that originally this would have had a wooden handle. The NDP left the ULP an administration with a surplus in the treasury. They bad spent it; they break it up like how this handle got broken. We put on a stronger handle; they can’t break this. When we get back in power… we are unbreakable!”

Describing the Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves as “dishonest”, Ferdinand criticized him for comments he made recently about police officers conduct whilst carrying out their duties.

“He says: ‘We are going to have an election shortly… police men and women are entitled to their own opinion and their own choices. But what they are not entitled to do is use the police station, and in the conduct of their duties, as hubs of political propaganda – and worse, in the conduct of their duties, they function in a partisan political manner.’ Imagine, the Prime Minister saying that, when senior police officers going with him are dressed in red. You can’t tell me that, this is honesty; this is the height of dishonesty!”

Ferdinand also criticized the ULP for always talking about its leader, PM Gonsalves. He pointed out that whilst the NDP also speaks of its leader, Arnhim Eustace, it also talks about its leadership through “team effort”.

“This team will bring the economy back!”

Ferdinand urged his audience to be “thinking people” and not allow the Government to pull the wool over their eyes on matters of concern. (JSV)