New online Christian  university coming to SVG
September 11, 2015
New online Christian university coming to SVG

St Vincent and the Grenadines is now home to a new Christian university – the St Vincent Gateway University.

The university is the brainchild of Dr Hyacinth Byron-Cox, who explained to the media that she wanted to “provide quality education at an affordable rate.”{{more}}

St Vincent Gateway University is an online “Christian institution designed to provide relevant education in a changing world.”

The university is an affiliate of the Kingdom Bible College and would be teaching the same courses.

Dr Byron-Cox explained, at the media launch on Friday, September 4, that the institution is a non-profit private Christian university.

“St Vincent Gateway University is poised to provide that knowledge in a forum of professionalism, integrity and educational excellence,” Dr Cox explained.

Further that the school’s seminary courses are accredited through the Kingdom Bible College in the United States and by the accrediting Association of Theological and Educational Institute International. However, she pointed out that the university is not accredited locally. She, however, said they will be seeking to obtain local accreditation soon.

The university offers “secular” (non-seminary courses), which include an Associate degree in liberal arts and Bachelor’s programmes in English, Sociology, Psychology and Criminal Justice, as well as seminary courses.

The university is partnering with the Living Water Ministries, with the head of the church, Apostle Paul Kirby, serving as dean of admissions.

Programmes are set to begin in mid-September and persons can access the website at