September 8, 2015
WINFRESH provides EC1$ million relief aid to Dominica

WINFRESH, the largest exporter of agricultural produce in the Windward Islands, has made a generous donation to the Government and people of Dominica to assist with relief efforts, following massive damage caused by the passage of tropical storm Erika on August 27.{{more}}

In a statement the chief executive officer of Winfresh, Bernard Cornibert, he said has written to the Prime Minister of Domininica Roosevelt Skerrit, offering a sum of EC$1 million to assist particularly the agricultural sector and farmers who have been badly affected. The million-dollar donation is a joint one between Winfresh (itself jointly owned by the Governments of the Windward Islands) and its business partners, Geest Line and Fyffes. Geest is a joint venture between Winfresh and the Irish multinational, Fyffes.

In addition to the monetary contribution, Mr Cornibert has pledged that Geest Line, which operates a vital two-way service between the Caribbean and Europe, “will assist as far as practicable, with the carriage of aid items from the UK.”

Winfresh said it is involved in a major initiative aimed at modernizing the agricultural sector in the Windward Islands. Its Board of Directors has approved this initiative, which comprises a significant thrust in non-banana exports, investments in agro-processing, as well as revitalizing its core banana business.

The Winfresh CEO said that the company expects to be involved not only in assisting in the relief efforts in Dominica, but in the long road to reconstruction and sees the investment thrust in export of fresh fruits and vegetables, the marketing of processed agricultural products and the provision of healthy food as the focus of the Winfresh Group’s mission in the Windward Islands.