SVGTCCU to expand scholarship programme
August 25, 2015
SVGTCCU to expand scholarship programme

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teacher’s Co-operate Credit Union (SVGTCCU) will, from this year, provide seven-year scholarships to children of its members instead of five-year scholarships, as was previously the case.

Chief executive officer Julian Jack made this announcement at the{{more}} SVGTCCU’s scholarship presentation ceremony at Frenches House on August 18. He also disclosed that the credit union will give special scholarships to students from the Grenadines.

This year’s scholarship winners are Issac Baynes, Arenna Grant, Joval O’Garro and Darrell Young Mitchell. Their scholarships will run for their five years of secondary school and two years of Community College.

During his address at last week’s ceremony, Jack said the decision was taken to award the scholarships to students from the Grenadines because the facilities available on the mainland are not always present in the Grenadines.

Jack said the credit union is trying to create a balance in education and in addition to giving a scholarship for a student from Bequia, this year, one would be awarded to a student from the Southern Grenadines.

He said the board is also looking at giving a scholarship wherever the credit union has an office, or is a dominant factor in making connections or advising people.

He said when residents of the Grenadines access secondary school education and onwards on the mainland, they have the additional burden of taking the boat daily, which is one of the reasons why the credit union decided to make an extra effort to help.

If they didn’t come first, but they pass, we would still give it to them,” Jack said.

He also disclosed that the credit union will be giving scholarships to students attending the Barrouallie Secondary School, as the credit union has an office in Barrouallie.

“Scholarships can create an incentive for their colleagues, or people in their village or town or island for them to aspire to higher things, because they too can get a scholarship.”

Jack stated that the board is also looking at people with special needs.

“I think it’s a good idea I believe the board would look at it closer.”

President Cecil Charles said the SVGTCCU is on record as paying the highest dividend among credit unions in SVG.

“Even in this harsh economic time, we have been consistent in giving back 5 per cent dividend on your share savings… We have also given back rebates on your loan.”