August 18, 2015
SJCM sends 10 fourth form students on job attachment programme

For the fifth consecutive year, the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua (SJCM) Department of Business has sent fourth form students out into the world of work on its job attachment programme.

This year, from July 27 to August 7, the Department sent 10 students to various businesses, including BRAGSA, Flow, Admiralty Transport, LEVI-Trends, Coreas, SVUTCCU, YBSVG, Singer and Courts (SVG) Ltd.{{more}}

“This temporary employment opportunity exposes the students to the world of work with the hope of preparing them to function effectively in the job market.

“The program is based on the objectives of providing students with the opportunity to link teaching and learning and to make concrete the principles and concepts taught in the subject areas, exposing students to the world of work while sensitizing them about what would be required of them in the near future, preparing students to embrace responsibilities that would be given to them when they enter the work force and to foster a spirit of volunteerism among students,” a release from the SJCM public relations committee said.

The business students who benefitted from the programme this year are Jimmisha Beache, Kenisha David, Giovanni Collins, Kemmisha Brereton, Dalan Wilson, TimRon Williams, Brittney Jack, Eleisha Thomas, Jasmine Wilson and Dougal Nelson.

The SJCM Business Faculty expresses its sincerest gratitude to all those business houses who have partnered with them over the years in the development of its programme and providing students with the opportunity to gain work experience whilst giving back to the country. We encourage other businesses to take the opportunity to partner with us, as we strive to develop our nation’s youth.