August 14, 2015
Guardsman awards four scholarships, six bursaries to students

Four scholarships and six bursaries were presented to children of employees of Guardsman SVG Limited at their annual scholarship awards ceremony last Wednesday.

The scholarships, valued at $1,000 each per annum, were awarded to Rhett Matthews and Jamarni Alexander, who performed well in the 2015 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) and Sheridan Bowens and Tiffanni Agard,{{more}} who already attend secondary school.

Four bursaries of $500 each were presented to Kervern Nichols, Joe-Hanna Hoyte, Ricardo Lewis and Brittney Weekes, while Fitzgerald Hamlet and William Soleyn received $300 each.

Administrative manager Idris Forbes, in her welcoming remarks, said that Guardsman SVG Ltd, the leading security provider in SVG, sees their employees as their greatest assets, who must be rewarded and that the scholarships is one way in which they do this.

“The directors and management share the joy of the many proud parents, our employees who deserve to witness their children rewarded for their great efforts.”

Forbes stated that she is pleased that there will be two new scholarships instead of one and that Guardsman is proud of all the awardees. She congratulated the awardees, their parents and teachers for their dedication, stating that they produce well-rounded products to the Vincentian community.

Chair Keith Howard, in addressing the recipients, said the students must work hard at their academics and pay attention to punctuality.

“I was totally upset when I see a student who is going to secondary school and is going to school late 43 times in one term.”

He stated that this issue needs to be corrected, because it means that the children are not interested in school, which is unfair to their parents, teachers and Guardsman.

Howard stated that Guardsman wants to be proud of each student and urged the students to do their best. He implored them to make their parents, teachers and Guardsman proud. (CT)