August 11, 2015
Opposition NDP signs Declaration of Intent with Garifuna group

The New Democratic Party (NDP) has signed a Declaration of Intent with members of a visiting Garifuna delegation.

The Grenadine House Declaration of Intent was signed last Thursday, August 6, by Opposition Leader and president of the NDP Arnhim {{more}}Eustace, along with party chairman and senator Dr Linton Lewis on behalf of the NDP and visiting Garifuna Wellington Ramos and Joseph Guerrero.

The document, which was signed at NDP headquarters, chronicled the visit of the Garifuna delegation to St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and outlined the agreement between the Garifuna and the NDP to “deepen and strengthen ties; to continue the reconnection between the Garifuna and their ancestral homeland Yurumein.”

According to a release from the NDP, the declaration is a precursor to a Garifuna Charter, which is being developed.

“This, and other topical issues were discussed at the NDP’s Closed Session with the Garifuna at the Grenadine House on Friday, July 31, 2015 where they met and held discussions with the Parliamentary and Executive caucus of the NDP,” the release said.

“The signing of the declaration represents the culmination of a full visit; more than a week of outreach, which saw the visitors engage with the NDP and Vincentians via radio, through public rallies and village walkthroughs. They also visited historic sites on St Vincent and travelled by boat to Balliceaux in the Grenadines.”

According to the release, upon their return to the United States, Ramos and Guerrero will detail the outcomes from this historic visit to Garinagu in the diaspora.