August 7, 2015
Fishing industry has great potential in SVG – Cruickshank-Howard

The annual summer programme of the Fisheries Division is regarded as an initiative which will help to grow the fishing industry.

As she addressed the opening ceremony of the 2015 programme, chief fisheries officer Jennifer Cruickshank-Howard said the fishing industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines has great potential for economic development and this can be achieved by an increase in the production of fish; however, the industry needs to grow.{{more}}

According to Cruickshank-Howard, growth in the industry can be achieved through several initiatives, one of which is to educate the youths about the opportunities available in the fisheries sector, so that they can be trained to help build and develop the industry.

Being held this year under the theme: ‘Equipping the minds of the young, through fisheries education,’ the two-week programme began on Monday, August 3, with an opening ceremony at the Fisheries Division in Kingstown.

The programme will facilitate two groups of young people over the two-week period. Group one, which includes youths aged 13 to 15, attended from August 3 to 7, while the second group will attend from August 10 to 14.

Topics include fisheries science, the marine environment, data management, quality and product development and fishing gear and methods.

This year, the participants will also visit several sites and will be introduced to new topics, such as climate change, which is affecting us today.

The Fisheries Division summer programme aims to motivate youths to become entrepreneurs and investors in the fisheries sector and to pursue further education in the field by increasing knowledge about the marine environment and fisheries management, encouraging appreciation for the marine resources, providing basic hands-on training in fishing gear and methods, education in product development and to foster an appreciation for marine resources to raise awareness about fisheries management and conservation measures.(AS)