August 4, 2015
Friends of Sion Hill Inc make donations

The Friends of Sion Hill Inc (FOSH), which is based in New York, continues to assist organizations and groups here.

The latest to benefit from the FOSH’s commitment to giving back to their homeland are the Lazaras Foundation and the Roman Catholic Church.{{more}}

Last Tuesday, a barrel of art supplies, school supplies and other implements were handed over to the Lazaras Foundation to assist in its annual undertaking of a vacation programme.

The vacation programme, which runs from August 3 to 8 at the Sion Hill Village hard court aims to assist children from the Sion Hill community, as well as adjoining villages in arts and craft, local environment information, history and life skills.

Before last Tuesday’s handing over, the FOSH donated to the Roman Catholic Church in Kingstown the sum of US$200, to help with the replacement of a bell.

Part of the FOSH’s mandate is to give back to St Vincent and the Grenadines, especially the empowerment of students. To this end the FOSH holds regular fund-raising events in New York, with the last being the annual barbecue held in June 6.

Next up on the FOSH’s list of activities is a Boat Ride on August 22, from Pier 8 Emmons Avenue.

Head of FOSH Oxley Lowmans has indicated that his organization is so far pleased with the response from Vincentians and other Caribbean nationals in New York and elsewhere to their efforts.

Lowmans reiterated that Friends of Sion Hill’s commitment is to assist where they can in St Vincent and the Grenadines, as their mandate is not confined to Sion Hill.(RT)