July 31, 2015
PM – Advertisements soon out for senior personnel to manage AIA

Very soon, professionals with airport management skills will have the opportunity to apply for critical positions at the Argyle international airport (AIA).{{more}}

At a press conference this week, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves announced that advertisements will soon be published, seeking senior personnel to manage the AIA. He added that it was not a requirement that persons applying for the job be Vincentian.

The Prime Minister said he had hoped to attract an airport management company with links to particular airlines to run the airport, but that plan did not work out.

“… so we are setting up our own structure with quality persons…not just Vincentians home and abroad, but other persons, because we can’t build an airport for $700 million and then put it in the hands of people to run who do not have necessary skill and experience to run an airport of that size and quality.”

Despite moving forward to create their own structure and systems, the Prime Minister added that the Government is still on the lookout for any airport management company that is interested in a partnership. (BK)