July 31, 2015
Eight more professionals graduate from Cuba

St Vincent and the Grenadines now has at its disposal eight newly graduated professionals from universities across Cuba.

The latest graduates include four medical doctors who received their diplomas from the Institute of Medical Sciences at an impressive ceremony in the city of Manzanillo on the south {{more}}east of Cuba on the morning of July 24.

Drs Ferdessa Toney and Mavreen Adams received Gold Diplomas or First Class Honours in their group, which also included Drs Roel Browne and Keville Harry.

The day before, Daniel Campbell took honours, being awarded a distinction for the best investigation for his thesis, graduating from the University of Matanzas in Civil Engineering, while Dr Anson Alvis graduated from medical school in Havana on July 22.

Architect Zando Rogers, earlier in July, received his diploma from the University of Oriente (Santiago de Cuba) becoming the newest Vincentian to graduate in that discipline from a Cuban institution.

And on July 14, Ramon Johnson became the latest Vincentian to take a diploma from the International School of Physical Education and Sports, as part of a massive graduating class, which included students from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

All graduates are expected to return home soon hoping to impact on the development of their homeland. They follow in the footsteps on many before them who have benefited from free university education offered by the Government and people of the Republic of Cuba, under a programme which began in 1980 and has seen over 200 Vincentian professionals graduating in a wide array of academic disciplines.