July 24, 2015
Rubis offering customers free copies of Searchlight newspaper

For the next six weeks, some Rubis customers will be treated to free Midweek and Weekend editions of the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper with their purchase of Ultra Tec Fuel.

This promotion is a joint effort of the two companies and began on Tuesday at all Rubis service stations{{more}} in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“There is never a dull moment at any Rubis service station. We always have some sort of promotion or mini activity, whether it’s in the form of spin the wheel activity or a fuel promotion. We are always collaborating with some companies and finding some creative way of giving back to our customers,” Rubis marketing manager Elroy Edwards said on Tuesday.

“SEARCHLIGHT is the premier newspaper in St Vincent and the Grenadines and people right now, they gravitate towards the news and this is just one way of putting out the newspaper, getting people informed about what is really happening around them.”

“I buy my diesel all the time here, hoping that [they] all will give me a discount,” Sharpes resident Oswald McKnee told SEARCHLIGHT, as he pumped diesel into the tank of his truck at the service station near the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. “The service is good here. That’s why I come here all the time and buy my diesel.”

Van driver Pyza Roberts shared similar sentiments about Rubis service as he revealed that it was his favourite station. He was also very pleased to receive a free Midweek SEARCHLIGHT after purchasing $50 worth of gas.

“I have some younger youths and they love the SEARCHLIGHT, so I normally buy it for them. They love to read the SEARCHLIGHT,” he disclosed.

Other customers also had glowing reports to give about both SEARCHLIGHT and Rubis and these persons did not exclude Kem Bartholemew, who was buying some diesel for his vehicle before heading to work.

“I’m a regular customer to Rubis and I also purchase the SEARCHLIGHT, mostly the weekly. I find it enjoyable, mostly informative; the news there is current and I am really satisfied with reporting and what I read there,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Rubis, the service is good, especially at Kingstown and the one right next to the airport. I really appreciate the service there. The attendants, they are friendly, they are mannerly and that is something as a customer I really appreciate.”

All Rubis service stations in St Vincent will give the first 50 customers to purchase $50 or more worth of Utra Tec fuel a free SEARCHLIGHT with their purchase every Tuesday and Friday. The promotion began on Tuesday and will run until August 28.(BK)