July 24, 2015
Don’t take advantage of Nicole’s death – Campbell

A prominent queen’s counsel has urged members of the legal fraternity not to take advantage of the passing of Nicole Sylvester in relation to matters before the court.

Parnell Campbell QC was delivering a tribute to the late barrister at a special sitting of the High Court on Wednesday when he urged colleagues to approach matters from a different perspective, rather than being purely adversarial.{{more}}

“We have to assist her chambers in accommodating themselves in the number of matters with which Nicole was dealing. There are some matters in which she would have shared confidence with counsel. New counsel assuming those matters may not be aware of the confidence that she had shared. Let us not take advantage of that; those on the other side,” the member of the inner bar said.

During Wednesday’s sitting, Sylvester was lauded for being an exceptional lawyer, who was always thorough and fair in her dealings with matters of the court.(BK)