July 24, 2015
Customers benefit from LIME’s Upgrade Summer

LIME customers are already basking in the warmth of the telecommunications provider’s latest promotion, its Upgrade Summer campaign.{{more}}

Nicole Byron and Percy Lampkin are the first two weekly winners of brand new Smart phones from LIME, which they won just by texting #SUMA to 6263.

Byron, a long time LIME customer, won herself a Samsung Galaxy S6, which immediately replaced her old phone that had been giving her problems.

She was extremely happy for the new device and thanked LIME for the opportunity to earn herself a new handset by just sending a text message.

Lampkin, who won himself a brand new BBQ5, allowed his daughter Janelle to receive the prize, since she was the one who sent the text messages from his phone.

Janelle declared: “Daddy is going to want his prize when he sees which phone I won! I don’t have a phone right now, so I am very excited and grateful.”

LIME congratulates both winners and encourages other customers to feel the summer warmth by being a part of the hottest promotion in the country.

Customers may also win free grocery vouchers when they top up $20 or more at LIME locations, and receive free backpacks when they purchase smart phones.