July 21, 2015
Union Island woman graduates with doctoral degree

Kinta Alexander-Mills, a proud alumna of the Union Island Secondary School (UISS) graduated from New York Medical College on May 21, 2015 becoming the latest student from Union Island to complete a doctoral degree.

Born in Ashton, Union Island, Kinta showed early signs of academic prowess and social maturity. She was skipped to a higher class at the age of 7, after exhibiting keen mental focus;{{more}} at the age of 14 she represented UISS nationally at the Jaycees public speaking competition and propelled all the way to the finals; at 15, she graduated top of the class as part of UISS illustrious “Class of 1995” (the largest graduating class at the time).

She credits the blessings of God for her success, and the hard work of her parents (Ozias and Robertha Alexander of Union Island). She is especially thankful for the love and support of her husband Fitzroy Mills, a licensed electrical engineer in NY (also from Union Island). Kinta feels that the strong family foundation that she received on the hills of Valley (where she grew up), coupled with the graceful moral shaping of her Seventh-Day Adventist upbringing, prepared her for the many vicissitudes of life and helped her navigate the many treacherous paths of adolescence and adulthood. She contends that a well-rounded biblical worldview helps with right decision making.

Kinta graduated with a Doctor of Public Health degree, after successfully defending her “Assessment of the Risk Factors for Hospital Onset Clostridium Difficile Infection.” Prior to her doctoral work, Kinta completed both a Master of Science and a Master of Public Health degree. She currently works at Mount Sinai Beth-Israel Hospital in NYC. (Contributed by Nkarlo)