July 17, 2015
Altcos Wellness trains caregivers

Five persons are now better equipped to care for children and the elderly, following a 13-week course conducted by Altcos Wellness Enterprises (AWE).

The five: Sherika John, Elsie Olive, Jolene Lavia, Eileen Roberts-Cole and Jasmin Richards were trained by retired registered{{more}} nurse/natural health specialist Sylvia Gould.

They were recognized for their accomplishment and received certificates last Thursday at a graduation ceremony under the theme ‘Impacting Young and Old with Tender Loving care,’ which took place at the AWE office in Arnos Vale.

The women were guided and instructed in various techniques of child and elderly care, including communication, interpersonal relationships, roles and skills of the caregiver, managing common health problems, growth, development and care of the child from birth to one year and a practicum. They were graded using in-course assignments, practical assessments, and an end of course examination.

Thursday’s graduation ceremony saw the women being congratulated by Gould, who is also the managing director of AWE. She hailed them for their dedication and commitment, in a field that is not a popular career path for many. She indicated that she knows the graduates would do their best when called upon to serve, and pointed out that she would have the utmost confidence in them when they are called.

Also applauding the graduates was featured speaker Elsie Frederick, who commended them for making the sacrifice to care for the elderly, an act that could not be compensated for with a salary. Frederick urged the graduates to follow the examples of Jesus Christ when he interacted with others and touched lives, by spending time with their clients, telling stories, showing compassion and demonstrating unconditional love.

Valedictorian Sherika John, who spoke on behalf of the other graduates, described the training they received as an opportunity to help others, and vowed that they would perform at their best when called upon to do so. She thanked Gould and AWE for initiating the course and said they regarded the facilitator as a mentor, teacher and friend.

The graduates performed a rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ as their graduation song, and special prizes were distributed for outstanding performances. These were distributed by Michele Samuel, senior manager of Courts. 

Gould indicated that plans are in the pipeline to conduct similar sessions, as well as training in other areas. Apart from training courses, the Altcos Wellness Enterprises, established in 2013, specializes in holistic wellness services and products.