July 14, 2015
MHC installs new self flushing toilets

by Colin King

New self flushing toilets have been installed at the Orange Hill site of the Mental Health Centre (MHC), replacing some which had malfunctioned.

When the MHC was moved from its permanent home at Glen to Orange Hill in September 2014, the temporary facility at first was ideal, clean, and in spite of a few glitches, such as plumbing etc, was by far a better environment for patients.{{more}}

In six months on the male ward, however, the toilets were malfunctioning, creating an unsanitary atmosphere; the shower knobs were torn out; graffiti was written on quite a few doors and walls; and patients, even before this deterioration, took liberty of going to the toilet, almost anywhere. The key factor in this situation is the patients. At the MHC, patients with destructive tendencies and a criminal background are admitted, whereas they should be sent to jail. This accounts for the problematic elements in terms of destruction of property etc.

There is a definite problem with the male patients, since throughout the stay at Orange Hill, the female ward by contrast, needed very little attention and is in excellent condition.

The new toilets which have been installed are self flushing, with the mechanisms placed outside the building, which ensures that the ill-use of the septic system would be difficult to accomplish.

There are two male members of staff who go beyond the call of duty in cleaning the facility. These are attendant Medica and nurse’s aide Leo Gibson. More janitorial staff is necessary, as well as security inside the building to deal with patients who don’t respect and deface property.

According to reports, the renovations at the permanent site of the MHC are expected to be completed in August.