July 10, 2015
National Public Library to host annual HYPE summer programme

The National Public Library will be once again hosting its teen programme, entitled HYPE (Helping Young People Excel), under the theme ‘Techknow Teens: Web Design. The programme will be held from August 10 to 21, 2015 and will cater for 35 persons, aged 13-15 years.{{more}}

The objectives of HYPE are: to inspire positive attitude in teens, thereby exposing them to tools that can be used to reach their goals; to provide a positive environment for teens to learn and share ideas; to demonstrate the importance of technology; to provide an important skill to teens that may increase their job opportunities; to promote reading as an integral part of success.

Registration takes place at the National Public Library from July 8 to 24, 2015. There will be a registration fee of $50.