July 10, 2015
COP sought advice of DPP in Joseph matter

After police withdrew the charges which had initially been brought against radio personality Dwight ‘Bing’ Joseph, commissioner of police Michael Charles referred the casefile to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.

According to documents obtained by SEARCHLIGHT, on June 17, more than two weeks after police withdrew the four traffic charges, COP Charles forwarded the case file to DPP Colin Williams for “perusal and further advice.”{{more}}

After the charges against Joseph were withdrawn on May 29, several media houses published stories questioning why had the charges been withdrawn, but to date, the police have declined to respond.

On June 19, the DPP replied to the Commissioner saying “having considered all the facts, circumstances, the law and the learning; and having applied my mind to the Full Code Test, which comprises the evidential stage and the public interest stage, I am of the firm view that fresh summonses be issued and served on Dwight Joseph of Cane Garden in relation to all original charges. He should be brought to the court to answer and face the charges.

If there is a need for a counsel to represent the Crown to address or respond to any legal submissions or to prosecute the matter, kindly inform me so that suitable arrangements could be made.

“To reiterate, the withdrawal of the original charges against Dwight Joseph prior to him entering a plea is not a bar to reinstating the same matters. He was never placed in jeopardy previously. Further, the justice of the case, evidence and public interest require that he, Dwight Joseph, be prosecuted. He is to be served expeditiously with fresh summonses for each of the previously identified offences. The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions can make available counsel to prosecute the matter.

“That is my advice.”

Joseph was charged with (1) Driving motor vehicle P37 without wearing a seatbelt (2) Driving motor vehicle P37 without being the holder of a valid driver’s permit (3) Driving motor vehicle P37 without there being enforced a policy of insurance in respect of third party risk (4) Driving motor vehicle P37 without the relevant licence in respect of the said vehicle for the period February 1 to July 31, 2015.

SEARCHLIGHT understands from a usually reliable source that the office of the DPP was approached by more than one person seeking to have the charges against Joseph discontinued.