Political leaders should say where they stand on same-sex marriage – Pastor
July 3, 2015

Political leaders should say where they stand on same-sex marriage – Pastor

With the recent Supreme Court ruling that legalizes same-sex marriage in all 50 states in the United States, a local pastor is calling on this nation’s political leaders to state where they stand on the issue.

Pastor Sonny Williams, the district presiding bishop of the Pentecostal {{more}}Assemblies of the West Indies International (PAWI), made the call while speaking on the weekly television programme ‘Encounter’ last Monday.

Williams, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, explained that he believes it is important that leaders state their parties’ stances on the issue now, rather than after the nation has gone to the poll.

“We are asking the populace to make informed decisions as to how they vote. The question of gay marriage and gay rights is a very important question. We really want to bring it to the front burner before elections,” he asserted.

“We don’t want after an election and we are surprised about our government’s position!”

The veteran religious leader said that this regulation passed in the United States has the potential to influence legislation here “profoundly.”

He explained: “We have signed onto a number of conventions; we are a part of the United Nations and a number of the bodies that have sanctions or promote same-sex marriages under the guise of human rights. Naturally, governments in the Caribbean would depend heavily on foreign aid from these organizations, and will be pressured.”

Disagreeing that not allowing same-sex marriage is a form of discrimination, Williams insisted that St Vincent and the Grenadines is a Christian nation which embraces biblical principles, and that the Bible deems homosexuality to be a sin.

“We must remember that an entire nation was destroyed because of that sin – Sodom and Gomorrah… We support keeping the law because it goes back to our position – it is unnatural – and how could you have a human right that is unnatural?”

SEARCHLIGHT was able to contact the Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, leader of the Unity Labour Party and Anesia Baptiste, leader of the Democratic Republican Party, who both gave their political stances on the matter and its relevance to SVG.

Leader of the Opposition and president of the New Democratic Party Arnhim Eustace spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, but declined to give comment on the matter at present.

He did, however, explain: “All those matters, we have down for our zonal meeting for discussion, which is going to take place in the next couple of days. I will make a statement at that time.”

Attempts were made to contact leader of the SVG Green Party Ivan O’Neal; however, up to the time of press, these attempts were unsuccessful. (JSV)