Partygoers delay flight departure at ET Joshua Airport
July 3, 2015
Partygoers delay flight departure at ET Joshua Airport

Last Sunday morning, a group of persons suspected of having come from a nearby wet fete delayed the departure of a flight leaving the ET Joshua airport.

Following a complaint posted on the wall of a Facebook member who was on the delayed flight, SEARCHLIGHT contacted director of Airports Corsel Robertson, who confirmed that the incident did occur on Sunday, June 28.{{more}}

Robertson explained: “When the flight was leaving the country, they observed persons crossing on the bay area down at the bottom [of the runway]. As a precaution, they waited for the police, because you don’t know their frame of mind.”

Noting that members of the public are sometimes seen walking across the sea wall to get to the other side, she added: “After a wet fete, they might be drunk and very disorderly, so the fire service was asked to assist in having them removed before the aircraft took off. It was just a precaution… it was nowhere on the runway or anything like that.”

Robertson further said that she was not informed of how many persons had to be removed from the bay area at the bottom of the runway.

“We really could not take the chance of saying well they would just walk along and it will be fine. So, the controller did the right thing and held the aircraft until they were removed.

“I can’t say it’s regular, because I don’t [normally] get reports like this… but I do believe it happens from time to time.” (JSV)