July 3, 2015
Opposition Leader extends condolences to relatives of victims in Coulls Hill crash

Leader of opposition, Arnhim Eustace has extended condolences to relatives of the persons who died in a car crash at Coulls Hill, last Sunday.{{more}}

The deceased persons: George Johnson, 89; Icilma Venola Johnson/Ollivierre, 65, and Denzil Johnson, 22, were travelling from the funeral of their relative, when the car went over a cliff in the Coulls Hill area.

“That is more than anyone can bear right now. It is a really difficult situation and my heart goes out to the family,” Eustace said on the New Times radio programme on Monday.

“Just imagine, here you are in grief already with the loss of a young woman, who was brutally murdered. You nursing that grief for a couple weeks and you lay her to rest and immediately after laying her to rest, three other members of her family die in a car crash after attending her funeral.”

The Opposition Leader stated that it was a sad time for the Chateaubelair and Petit Bordel area, particularly since the bodies of some young men were discovered last week.

“If all the information I have is correct, that means that five of them have died within the last few weeks,” he said, in relation to residents from the Leeward villages.

“Both young and old people have passed on very suddenly. It is a terrible, terrible event. My heart really goes out to them.”

Two other individuals who were also travelling in the vehicle survived. They are 24-year-old Kemral Williams and the driver of the vehicle, 45-year-old Neville Charles.