June 30, 2015
Mother of dead man wants answers

The mother of one of the men whose bodies were recovered from the sea last Thursday is calling for answers.

Marvelyn Delpesche, mother of 25-year-old Glenroy ‘Casual’ Delpesche told SEARCHLIGHT that she last saw her son on June 23, as he was heading for the beach to go to the hills.

“He was walking {{more}}with a young man, so after he called out to me, I called him back and said you know that young man dey? He said ‘no’.

“I told him [the young man he was walking with] is Uncle Rupert’s grandson and he just turned back and hugged the youth man and smiled in his special way,” the distraught mother said.

Delpesche said that her son was a quiet person, who had the respect of both old and young in the Petit Bordel community.

“Casual was just irie and sweet. I will miss my son. I want to know how he died, I want answers; I want the truth and I want justice,” Delpesche said.

A report issued by police on Monday say their investigations into the circumstances leading to the recovery of the two bodies in the waters of Trois Loups Bay of North Leeward continue.

The second body that was recovered from the water has been identified as Brian Baptiste, 50, of Sandy Bay. A third person, Alston Walker, 36, of Chateaubelair, who it is claimed went to sea with the duo, is still missing.

Residents of the area say they believe the men were killed last Tuesday evening after 10 p.m. during a transaction involving other boatmen.

Persons who live in the surrounding hills say they heard many gunshots that night, however the bodies were not recovered until Thursday when a search party of relatives went out with divers.

Post mortem examinations conducted yesterday on the deceased conclude that both men died from asphyxia due to drowning.

Despite the reports by residents of the hills that gunshots were heard, the pathologist also notes that there were no signs of physical injury on the dead men.