June 30, 2015
Killing of teen ‘unfortunate’ – Ministry

The Youth Affairs Division in the Ministry of National Mobilization, Social Development and Youth deems as “unfortunate,” the recent killing of a teenager in the Lowmans Leeward area.

A release from the department said “It has been observed that within recent times a number of our youth are engaging in violent behaviours, including fights and bullying.{{more}}

“…We seem to have lost our human element; this is being replaced for a moment of viral glory when children while wearing their school uniforms or at social gatherings are glorified for distasteful behaviours.

“The recent fight by School Children that occurred in McKies Hill, shows how very little we care for other human beings. Instead of persons breaking up the fight and preventing it from escalating into what has now become a ‘talk piece,’ they were quick to ensure that it was captured using a smart device thus ensuring that it will be seen on social media.”

The release listed several programmes that take place in SVG in which the Youth Affairs Division has partnered with several key stakeholders “to ensure that quality programmes are being provided to our youth.”

“While the Ministry’s juvenile justice reform programs are being implemented, one can only be remorseful for the tragic way that this promising 15-year-old lost her life. What will become of the 12-year-old one may ask? The families who are grieving at this time would mourn the loss of a promising future, while many others will speculate on the circumstances surrounding the cause for such actions.”

The release said the Ministry stands ready to offer care and support to not only for the family of the deceased, but also the family of the 12-year-old and called on youth across the nation to refrain from using violence as a means of coping with differences.

“Refrain from using social media as an outlet to promote negative behaviours and glamorizing negativities in our Vincentian society, but rather use the social medium to encourage positive development as youth who have a meaningful contribution to the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines. It’s time for us to stop the violence and negative portrayal of youth in SVG and embrace those positive things that build this nation.”