Local architect to open free technical training school
June 26, 2015
Local architect to open free technical training school

“Construction is the biggest engine for any economy, and we need to invest more… If you kill construction, that’s the end of the economy.”

These were the words of local architect Carver Williams, as he positions himself to establish a new technical school, which he believes will {{more}}have a positive effect on the construction industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Intending to open the CW Architects ‘Hands-On’ Training School in time for the beginning of the new academic year in September, Williams shared with SEARCHLIGHT that he recently received a donation of six Dell Precision T3500 desktop computers and a printer from a “generous” benefactor.

“I can see for myself that there is a lack of skilled, trained workers and tradesmen in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” he lamented. “I foresee that the school, in five years, would create enough trained personnel to export. This skill is good in any country!”

Williams, who is a 43-year veteran in the architecture field, said that the industry needs upgrading, and that it is not functioning at the level that he believes it should already have been at.

“The skill set and technology – I can see we need a lot of help in that area.”

Williams, who owns CW Architects, said that he is looking to start with 15 students, and that the designated building that will house the school at Chateaubelair is currently under renovation.

He explained that the school will provide free technical training in elements such as basic Auto CAD usage, blueprint reading and hands-on application for the building trade, among others.

Williams intends for the facility to be a non-profit entity – classes will be free, with students only paying a registration fee and a nominal subscription to cover use of electricity and paper.

More women in the construction industry is also something that he hopes his new school will be able to attract.

“It’s an old traditional state of mind for people to think that the building trade is for men. The stigma is there… but I would like to make a difference and bring some more women on board!”

Williams, who received his training in the United States, admitted that undertaking this endeavour has been very time-consuming and costly for him, but he is determined to make the training school a reality.

“I’m a determined man. If I wasn’t, I couldn’t be sitting in this chair here. It’s not easy to put these things together.”

He also said that he feels obligated to pass on the knowledge that he has accumulated over the decades, because it will do more good being shared than being kept to himself.

“Somebody must take the bull by the horns.” (JSV)