June 26, 2015
LIME, Police Anti-Crime, Anti-Violence Campaign a success

Officials from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force are thanking telecommunications provider LIME for making their 2015 secondary schools tour a tremendous success.

The series of visits to secondary schools across the length and breadth of the mainland came to an end last Friday.{{more}}

The visits saw several schools being visited by members of the force’s Crime Prevention Unit, who gave the students tips on how to keep themselves safe, especially during the Carnival season.

On previous occasions, the police were able to conduct two school tours, but thanks to LIME, this year they were able to conduct four tours and cover a wider area.

The students were educated about ways to avoid becoming victims and perpetrators of crime and were advised on how to peacefully resolve conflicts at school and in their communities.

The final official school stop turned out to be a touching occasion for all concerned, with the officers visiting the Intermediate High School, whose faculty and students are mourning the recent stabbing death of one of its students at the hands of a student of another school. The officers used the opportunity to reinforce lessons on peaceful conflict resolution.

For a moment, they were able to bring smiles back to the faces of the students when they distributed LIME branded goodies, including a smart phone during the question and answer period.

The exercise also made it possible for the police to reach out to the general public while moving from school to school.

With the use of a truck mounted public address system, the police gave tips to the public on how to keep themselves and their property safe.

Both police and LIME officials believe that this year’s tour was a blessing to the students, teachers and all others concerned, and say that they look forward to continued partnership between the two entities as they both push for “Zero tolerance for Crime in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”